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Ever since I accompanied the most amazing mother-to-be in all the world, to Maui and Kauai, I’ve loved capturing women at the strongest time and most vulnerable time in their lives. This trip was nothing short of magical. We traveled the Road to Hana to black sand beaches. We captured mama with Mt. Haleakala in the background. We went to tropical botanical gardens. And of course we got mama with the amazing Hawaii sunset on the beach. Don’t tell anyone but we even broke into a hotel to get a cool reflection shot.

It’s simply because of traveling to these locations and shooting my amazingly strong and beautiful wife, that I’ve come to love to have the opportunity to make some of these rare moments last forever. I know some women are concerned with their physical appearance during this time. I get that. I’m married and have kids of my own. But I would like to challenge you to look a little deeper.  This period of time is short lived and it’s quite frankly a remarkable journey that you’re on.