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An engagement shoot is all about love. Once the wedding day comes, there’ll be vendors to deal with, and decorations, and family from out of town. It can be quite a lot to deal with. Remember, on your wedding day, it’s YOUR day. Don’t let anyone tell you different. There’s no reason to stress.

But during your engagement shoot, there’s none of these distractions. It’s all about the two of you just being in love and holding each other. Laughing and being silly, romantic, sweet, fun, whatever you want! So do I enjoy shooting engagements? I absolutely do. Dealing with two adults in love is the easiest shoot there is and that’s because they’re so much fun. 

For my wife and I, it was a warm sunny evening. We shot at the same place that I got down on one knee. The lighting was perfect. We laughed, we kissed, I gave her a piggyback ride, she flashed me. It was amazing. And eight of those images are still hanging on the wall in our house, I have one at my desk in my office and she has one at her desk. I guess it’s mostly because of my experience at our engagement. That’s why I enjoy shooting them so much.