Tattoos in your wedding images

"this is forever"

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So it's been brought to my attention that a lot of my brides have tattoos. As a former tattooist, I've been asked to write something on the topic of shooting brides with tattoos. So here ya go. The following is strictly my opinion.

If you have a tattoo or if you've ever shared with your loved ones (aka your parents) a desire to get a tattoo, I'm fairly certain that you were hit with some strong opinions. Comments like: “but it's forever, what's it going to look like on your wedding day?" or "how are you going to hide it?" and perhaps you received stronger feedback than those two simple examples in which case I'd gladly provide the names of some therapists to help you get through those painful memories. Anyways. Whatever you may have heard, they're probably ALL extremely valid arguments and definitely something that should be considered! BUT if you're going to get tattoos, than wear them proudly! With that said, there’s a few guidelines to getting tattoos. Not sure this is the time and place to get into those guidelines, so for the sake of time, I’m going to assume that you know/knew what you wanted, you’ve done your research, and that you can afford a quality artist. I just told you the guidelines by the way.

So, if you’ve followed those three little recommendations above, there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever that you should be worried about your tattoos on your wedding day. Don’t worry about hiding them. Don’t worry about what mom and dad and the future kiddos will think. Those tattoos are a part of you. You have them for a reason. Be proud. And in the off chance that you do have some ink that you’re NOT proud of -speaking from experience I know it hurts- there’s always tattoo removal.

I feel like there's some negativity involved with tattoos and weddings. But when it comes to photographing those with tattoos on their wedding day, I welcome the idea. To photograph tattooed individuals in their wedding attire adds depth, diversity, texture, and intrigue to the photos. I feel that a tattoo is a story that's already been told and so they add to the story of your wedding day.

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