The spirit of the reception

Wes Fisher photography wedding reception Eugene Oregon sparklers

Oh yes! The reception! That unscripted part of the wedding when anything can happen! Sometimes it get wild and debaucherus and the drinks are flowing the the guests are dancing the bride and groom are laughing so hard at each other’s dance moves they’ve gone red in the face.

There is so much to capture here! There are toasts and smiles and so many dancing guests and kisses and laughter. I do my best to get at least one great shot of everyone. I do my best to capture each special moment. I make sure I score every photo the bride and groom requested.

But my personal favorite shots? The ones that somehow capture the whole spirit of the thing.

The shots that sum up what this moment was like – or some lovely part of the evening. The ones that will evoke memories of the whole party, not just that one frame.

Like the reception where everyone danced late until the night and one by one the shoes came off and everyone was dancing barefoot on the polished barn floor – too full of love and joy to give up because of a pair of high heels.

Eugene Oregon Wes Fisher Photography Wedding Reception photo

Or there was this one summer wedding where everyone sat at one great table and the rose kept flowing as nearly every guest made a toast to the newly weds and the bride and groom soaked up every delicious drop of their love.

Wes Fisher Photography outdoor wedding reception in Eugene Oregon toasting bride and groom

One wedding I shot had a particularly raucous toast. I knew I could never capture that particular spirit by pointing my camera at those feisty speech-givers – but boy did this shot sum up the stitches everyone was in as wedding advice was shared.

Eugene Oregon wedding reception Wes Fisher Photography toast speeches

Or one of my favorite moments – the groom grinning in a laughing, dancing, pile of his friends. A picture speaks a thousand words right? I don’t think I need to say more...

Eugene Oregon outdoor wedding reception with edison bulbs and dancing captured by Wes Fisher Photography

Christina Roman