The father-daughter dance

Wes Fisher Photography father daughter dance on patio outdoor wedding Eugene Bend Oregon

There is a ritual at nearly every wedding, when the father dances with the bride. It is often silly and beautiful and incredibly touching – and one of the hardest things to photograph.

The thing about dancing is people are whirling around the dance floor and giggling and their arms are akimbo. So to manage to be in the right spot at the right time to catch that magical moment, it can be tricky. Not to say fun swirling pictures are not incredible as well!

So what is that magical moment I’m looking for? It’s that one moment where the father is looking at his daughter with that look in his eyes – the pride and joy and even sometimes the littlest bit of beautiful melancholy as his girl celebrates the next stage of her life.

Wes Fisher father daughter dance photography eugene bend oregon

It’s the moment when they both look at each other with a twinkle in their eye and a quiet laugh about something only the two of them share – that private moment happening in front of all their guests.

It’s that connection that I’m looking for – that I want to capture. I want o make sure that the memory I preserve of the dance isn’t just the sweet moves you share with the wedding party – I want to capture the way you both felt in the moment.

And boy it can be tough! Because I can’t interrupt. No matter how fast you move or which way you turn. As soon as you know I’m there with the camera the intimacy is gone. But I’m on my toes. This moment is too important to miss.

That’s the magical moment I’m after.

Bend Eugene Oregon black and white father daughter dance wedding 

Christina Roman