Peter Pan and Wendy

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So this particular wedding got off to a late start.

I usually don't mind this and I've come to expect it. When it comes time to do formals I have no problem doing what I have to do in order to give the bride and groom some much-needed down time before they walk down the aisle (if they chose to do formals before the ceremony). I mean, I've been know to give a loud whistle to get people's attention so I can do my job as efficiently as I feel I need to.

Aspen wedding wes fisher photography

Any how. Fast forward to dinner. Dinner was provided by Field 2 Fork Kitchen*. As soon as the meal was served, the speeches started. The best man delivered a six page roller coaster of emotion that left everyone in tears and left the groom and best man in a tearful embrace.


Once the speeches were over I grabbed the couple to do a sunset walk. The sunset was amazing so people started lining up for photos once I was finished with the bride and groom.

By the time I was done shooting the parents of the newly weds it was just about dark and the newlyweds went right into cutting the cake.

I feel that I should let you know that it's probably my fault that the first dance didn't take place until after dark. I take full responsibility and I have no regrets. That sunset was remarkable and the couple knew that they definitely wanted those shots.

After the cake was cut, they walked onto the dance floor. The dance floor was basically a patio that fortunately had the patio lights on. I hadn't had a chance to set up my off-camera lights yet so after I got the "sure shots" with my on camera flash I decided to shut my flash off and use the patio lights to my advantage. I walked around the dance floor and I could not have planned the moment that I captured.

The couple was dancing to RUTHY B's LOST BOYS.

I showed this image to the bride when I saw she had a moment and she asked if she could show her mom. Then she asked if she could show her maid of honor. Then she asked if she could show, and that's when I interrupted her and I showed her how to turn the screen on when it shuts off. I believe she showed practically everyone at the wedding.

As soon as I took this shot I knew it was a spectacular moment I captured. I had to use the shoulder of one of the groomsmen to rest the barrel of my lens on to get this image and honestly I was proud of the results. I felt there was a deeper meaning for the bride though. I asked the maid of honor the significance of this image to the bride. Well it turns out that the groom has some friends that are referred to as, the lost boys. The bride plays the role of Wendy to these friends of the groom. Once I heard that it clicked in my head. I looked at the image again and I realized from the groom's boyish look and his hair color, to the bride's expression, the slope of her neck, even her hair, this image IS Peter Pan and Wendy.


Christina Roman