That time I lost the bride

It’s true. Once upon a time right after their ceremony, I couldn’t find the bride. The groom was opening some champagne for his guests but the bride was nowhere to be found. I assumed she was nursing her child and if that was the case, I wasn’t about to interrupt. However the light after the ceremony was amazing. It was that warm, golden light that every photographer loves. I had no intentions on letting this light go to waste, so I looked around and grabbed the first couple I saw. Alright the truth is they were taking selfies on the far end of the lanai. I told them I didn’t know where the bride was and they seemed like they’d be willing to get their pictures taken which was an understatement. It turns out they said their vows to one another just a couple of weeks prior to this wedding. Below are a few of the images we took of the couple in this amazing light that only sticks around for about two hours a day if clouds allow.

A couple at a resort in hawaii, in love and romance
A couple smiles at each other during a resort sunset in hawaii, draped in lei and florals

Oh and as far as the lost bride goes, she was indeed nursing and we were able to get some amazing shots of her and her groom that evening too.

A bride and groom reflected in a tropical paradise
Christina Roman