Phones at Weddings

wes fisher photography phones at wedding .jpg

In our society nearly everyone has a smartphone. Often at weddings these smartphones are used by guests to do their own documentation. I must say that today's smartphones are producing some absolutely remarkable images. An image taken with an iPhone has even been on the cover of National Geographic. As a matter of fact it's actually a goal of mine to capture an entire wedding with a smartphone...but until then I'll stick with my trusty Nikons.

So in my contract that all of my clients sign it clearly states that there are no other professional photographers allowed to take images. This doesn't NOT include images taken with smartphones though. I know a lot of photographers who can't stand having phones in the images they take. I've read some articles explaining how it's so and so’s opinion that it's extremely disrespectful to whip out your phone and start taking pictures. Alright honestly...I only read the title of those articles and let me tell you why. It's not 1980. We're not using direct on camera flash with battery packs to take wedding images anymore. Times have changed. The way I see it, phones are part of our society in a big way and if Aunt Sally is taking pictures of the ceremony, well, I want to get a picture of Aunt Sally taking a picture with her Galaxy. I think it kind of puts a timestamp on that wedding. On top of that these kinds of shots make for some really unique images. They add a level of depth that's impossible to get without the hand-held device.

Now if the bride and groom don't want phones out at their wedding I totally respect that and support it. But if they don't mind...why should I?

Wedding guests take photos of a bride on their iphones and androids at an outdoor wedding
Bridesmaids take a selfie at a barnyard wedding