I'm Wes Fisher, a wedding photographer based in Eugene, Oregon


I remember in the fourth grade arguing with my dad about why I didn't need to do my schoolwork. His argument was very legitimate, " you need to better your education so you can get a good job." My argument was simple; I was going be an artist and I didn't need all of his math with with letters involved (2b+2c=x). I'm glad he was persistent and encouraged me to do my schoolwork the way only my father can. And even though I lost most of those arguments, if not all of them, I didn't lose sight of my dream of becoming an artist...

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I ended up becoming a licensed tattoo artist in the state of Oregon. I couldn't imagine doing anything better than tattooing (until I shot a wedding but you'll have to read further to get those details). I was able to meet really interesting people and interact with people on a personal level - which I love doing. I was able to be artistic, creative, and I was able to travel. I connected with people and made a positive impact in their lives. But the lifestyle was a little rough. While tattooing I married my best friend and we wanted to start a family. Shortly after our wedding, I met with our wedding photographer. He had seen a picture on Facebook that I had taken. He asked if I was some sort of photographer. Of course I told him I wasn't and that’s when he asked if wanted to be.

Whoa. What better time for what could be an amazing opportunity. So, using one of his cameras, I shot a wedding with him. And then I shot another one, and another one. He took me under his wing and showed me a lot of both the photography side of things and the business side as well. After about six months of shooting with him and another experienced photographer, the three of us decide to become business partners. The partnership was short lived (we couldn't figure out the numbers) so I went into business for myself and actually became their friendly competition. We still talk on the phone critiquing each other's photos, holding nothing back, which is a fantastic way to continue bettering ourselves.

I recently sat down and dissected why I enjoy shooting weddings so much. I realized it’s pretty simple. Shooting a wedding has so many similarities to doing a tattoo and one huge factor why it’s better

The similarities: 

  1. You can't have a bad day. There’s only one chance. There's no, "oh, can you redo that first kiss as husband and wife? I just wasn't ready". There's only one chance to get things right. And much like a tattoo, shooting a wedding is very permanent and I shoot with the intent that my clients will hang these permanent moments on their walls for a lifetime. That is where I hold my standards every time I pick up my cameras. I thrive on that stress and the pressure. I only having one shot (pun definitely intended) to get it right.
  2. I get to be creative. I've tattooed numerous roses and lilies but I've never tattooed the same rose or lily. It's that place I have to go to be original in coming up with a new composition or a unique perspective.
  3. People. I love meeting, talking, and getting to know people.

Why it's better:

To all the engaged women: as a little girl I'm certain you dreamt about your wedding day. From your ring to your flowers to your gown and your groom. I’m thrilled to capture the magical moments of your dream. It’s like a real life fairytale...and I was invited. What could be better?

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Wesley J. Fisher

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