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It's your wedding


I’m sure you’ve dreamt about your wedding day. From your ring to your flowers to your gown and your groom. On your wedding day you’re literally living your dream. My job is to capture several moments of your dream-come-true and it’s such an honor to be invited to do so.

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About me

Hey - I’m Wes Fisher. I’m a Eugene, Oregon based photographer who loves what I do. My creativity and hunger for originality is never ending. I strive to capture emotion in every image I take whether it’s a formal image, a detail, first kiss, or daughter father dance.

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I want to capture the images that you dream of, but I’m also ready for when those magical moments happen. They can’t be found on any Pinterest board because these moments can only happen on your day. They only happen once and they’re lightning fast. Those are the images I dream about

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